Selesa Hillhomes JMB
Bukit Tinggi, Bentong
Pahang Darul Makmur


Pursuant to Section 23 of the Act 663, every purchaser and parcel owner shall pay service charges for the maintenance and management of the common property. The charges must be paid within fourteen (14) days of receiving the notice, failing which a penalty of interest charge at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum calculated based on daily rest is levied by the JMB. Please take note that this penalty interest charge is levied for all arrears that are outstanding.
The service charges applicable at Selesa Hillhomes are as follows :

1. Monthly maintenance charge at RM0.11 per sq ft of built-up area of the respective parcel. Of this charge, ninety five percent (95%) is allocated for routine maintenance and ongoing management expenses while five percent (5%) is allocated as sinking fund in compliance to Section 24 of the Act 663.

2. Monthly water charge at RM1.80 per cum subject to a minimum charge of RM6.00 per month.
3. Annual fire and general insurance premium pro-rated to the built-up area of the respective parcel.

4. Annual quit rent pro-rated to the built-up area of the respective parcel.
5. MATV charge which is a one-off payment of RM200.00 per parcel.
Purchasers can pay the service charges for your respective apartment by crediting payment directly to the "SELESA HILLHOMES JMB" bank account at the following :
AMBANK (M) BERHAD account NO. 057-202-200247-2


At the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Selesa Hillhomes Joint Management Body on 31 October 2010, the Body passed a resolution which was recorded in the minutes under Item 3.2(iv) that says ;
"That a discount of 10% (ten percentum) on maintenance charge for each year be given for advance payments for the year, provided it is paid by end February of each calendar year and provided all outstanding charges have been settled."







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